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The handy intro post

As title says, an intro post since most of this journal is f-locked. This gets updated maybe once a year.

Intros are goodCollapse )

[Fic]Beauty is nothing but the beginning of terror [Doctor Who]
Doctor Who//G//Amy, Eleven
The scene in Flesh and Stone, when Amy gets left behind, and they keep on leaving her. It reminds her of other things. Spoilers from Flesh and Stone.

When insects are religious [Doctor Who]
Doctor Who//G//Amy, Eleven
Takes place between Cold Blood and Vincent and the Doctor. Nothing too substantial, or spoilery- filling in on the trip to the Trojan Gardens, more or less and the things that happen there.

Jet Lag/Bathroom/Bedroom/Puppies [Doctor Who]
Doctor Who//G//Ten, Eleven, Amy, Donna, Martha, Rose
Four drabbleish prompts for each of the companions.

Something Old and Familiar [Doctor Who]
Doctor Who//PG//Eleven, Rose Tyler
Ten drabbles for each genre; for anna_sg1

One of laughter, one of anguish [Fringe]
Fringe//PG-13//Altlivia, Alt!Lincoln Lee, Alt!Charlie Francis
An expansion on two drabbles for sweet_anise. Lincoln babysits Henry, and later confronts the exact price of the war with the Blueverse.

La nuit, tous les chats sont gris [Fringe]
Fringe//PG-13//Walter Bishop, Walternate
An exploration in how both Walters come to deal with the death of a close friend.

The Looker's View [Fringe]
Fringe//PG-13//Alt!Astrid, Altlivia, Alt!Broyles
An Alt!Astrid POV of the events that led up to Entrada.

Ten Drabbles of Red and Blue [Fringe]
Fringe//PG-13//Lincoln Lee, Olivia Dunham, Altlivia, Alt!Lincoln Lee
One drabble for each genre; for sweet_anise.

Love triangles are expressions of homosocial desires [Tide Lords]
Tide Lords//PG//Arkady/Declan, Cayal/Arkady
Arkady confronts Declan and Cayal about the whole love triangle affair. Vague hints of slash, depending on how you want to look at it. Spoilers for Palace of Impossible Dreams. Credit for this idea goes to sweet_anise.

Letters in the dark, not love [Tide Lords]
Tide Lords//G//Declan
Arkady thought he never tried to contact her. He did try with a letter, though.

21 Tales of Immortality [Tide Lords]
Tide Lords//PG-13//Every immortal of the Tarot
Short stories written about each of their monikers, and their long histories. Rated due to a bit of violence, and some amounts of sexual material.

Ready to get swinging [Bones]
Brennan and Booth go swing dancing for a bit. Neither knows how to dance well. Credit for the idea to sweet_anise.
allison & lydia

On the eve of an election

So in addition to the owl, there's a pair of woodpeckers, some doves, and a lot of chickadees that like to frequent the trees/area around the house. It's also really good running weather right now.

An aside- I don't get the new mentality re voting. Specifically the idea that voting is some...deeply personal expression of their beliefs? Voting was/is a political tool to express your views to the goverment to attempt so that you can nudge it towards your ideals. That's all it is. Voting isn't about you as a person. It really isn't. You don't vote and say 'wow, I feel good about myself because I voted'. You vote because you're trying to impress your values on the governing body, and hopefully get something done. Even if you don't like either candidate, or you think it's a lesser of two evils thing, doing something about it is a lot better than sitting back, sipping tea and going 'oh no, I'm cynical about the political system so I won't vote'.

This was brought about from having an argument with someone who didn't want to vote because he didn't feel like any of the candidates aligned with his values.

tl;dr- Vote. Even if you're like me and missed all the early voting days because of conferences and deadlines and have to get up stupid early tomorrow for it.

In other news, tomorrow, well. Tomorrow decides a lot of things. They're also filming parts of the new MacGyver at parts of school tomorrow.
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korra cheering

Life in boxes

Annnddd still alive, and (finally) moved (mostly, almost) into the new house! Only everything is still in boxes, have next to no food here, and the internet is being all sorts of unreliable.

But on the other hand, mostly moved so that's partly out of the way, at least. Now to just figure out what box has what thing. Good thing it's a three day weekend.
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Olivia Specs!

I could shove an icepick in my eye

And I am now done with all my classes for the semester, and I'm still alive! Hello summer break!

Post finals life has quickly gone from staring at at python scripts and trying to wrap my head around Slater determinants to this-

Yeah, reminders of the paper you haven't finished yet follow you everywhere.

On the unrelated topic of American politics- so Trump is more or less guaranteed the nomination. Not to say that Cruz was any better (he isn't), but then we have someone like Trump. I'd like to say 'haha, there's no way he'll win the general election in November' except I was also saying 'haha, there's no way he'll get the nomination without the Republican party imploding' several months ago and here we are.
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myka bering

printf("hello, world\n")

(I promise that all of my entries from now on won't start with something involving coding)

But really, hello world! I'm alive, still around and horrendously busy. But not an actual busy, because in a real busy you're productive, and have meaningful things to show at the end. In the pseudo theoretical busy, you're just busy with meaningless things that don't amount to anything despite having no time at all because you lose a third of your week in meetings.

In other news- grad school is very time consuming. Passed my coding exam(!), maybe didn't pass the most recent pchem exam, and remembering all that calculus is hard. Spring break was this week, which wasn't really spring break as much as it was 'catch up with everything'.

Hilariously, PI is now out of money as of this month and I now have a record number (six, soon to be seven?) of papers under review.
Have watched the first four episodes of Agent Carter, but literally nothing else since mid January. Daredevil has come out and looks interesting, but reserving judgement till I see it. Have managed to find time to read Monstress since reading comics is a lot easier to do on the train. Which is also worth checking out, though it isn't exactly happy reading material.

Otherwise, what's up flist? It's been far too long, and I've missed being around.
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okami puzzled

A conversation today

On the subject of PI is trying to get one of us to TA her class (unlikely, since she has two other profs teaching) that no one wants because it's from 5:30-8:20.

Labmate to me: Oh, she won't ask you to do it.
Me: Why not?
Labmate: Because it's your first time taking the class, and you're also teaching.
Me:....What did you say? Teaching the class?
Labmate: Yeah, you didn't know? You're listed on the syllabus as a guest lecterer. You didn't actually think she could teach visualization, did you?

And lo and behold, there's my name as the instructor for the class on Sept 10. For a (graduate) class that I'm taking this fall and have never taken before, with about 30 other graduate students. Mostly biology people, so now I just have to think of how to lecture on the subject matter for three hours, which admittedly isn't hard. Except talking about it for three hours.

But seriously, what. Guest lecterer
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allison & lydia

April showers bring hail storms and tornado warnings

Not even joking- the sky dropped a lot of hail here yesterday afternoon, and not just the small bits either. But beyond the fact that it did hail and apparently the tornado sirens went off, is also the fact that it hailed on an otherwise sunny day and in late April?

Anyhow, still in the process of making my way back and have stuff on the list that I need to do cause apparently the new PI loves nothing but to have meeting and meetings, so have a meme from tellshannon815

List 15 fandoms, and ask your friends list to pick one fandom and guess 3 ships from that fandom that you do not, would not, and have never shipped, not even a little.

If someone manages to get all three right, then you can write them a 3-sentence fic about a pairing you actually do like.

[15 is actually a lot when you think about it]Fandoms: The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra, Fringe, Agent Carter, Orphan Black, Warehouse 13, Firefly, Downton Abbey, Elementary, Farscape, Lost Girl, Sleepy Hollow, Hannibal, Stargate, Teen Wolf, and Doctor Who.
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A sort of limited PSA

In case you haven't heard, the apparent culprit for all the mass downloading by bots on AO3 a month or so ago is a site that's hosting a variety of ebooks. And by which I mean not only the published types or works, but also the type that's posted on AO3 for free. Both of which are being rehosted for profit.

Obviously, AO3/OTW is aware of it, and there's been some suggestions of how to respond if your fic has been rehosted- you can send both the site and its host Cloudflare, although I'm not actually sure how long it'll take to get a response. Especially seeing that Cloudflare hosts other sites that are very liable for copyright infringement on a much larger scale.

(My two cents- I don't have much theoretical moral ground to stand on, and I strongly suspect that if this was another run of the mill site offering ebooks for free or for profit as many other sites in existence are, I really wouldn't give it a second thought. Or a lot of other people, for that matter. But my issue here is not the typical type of infringement, but more that it's putting up work that's publicly made available for free and charging for it.)
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myka bering

And the pollinosis onslaught begins

Otherwise, I think I'd enjoy spring a lot more. It's not usually as hot as summer, and I guess the flowers look nice if they weren't dumping pollen everywhere.

So the thing with changing labs is that it's more or less like moving living spaces. You have to pick up and clean out all your stuff from the old one, move it all to the new space, probably clean up the stuff that other people have left behind (seems to be a lot of stuff), set everything back up and deal with the readjustment period while the new boss gives you stuff to read up on because there's no worse thing than wasted time in research.

And then there's the dreaded part where if you're leaving before your projects with your old lab have finished up. Yeah. That stuff is quickly becoming a headache, but I guess I should be thankful that it's only just one project. Albeit a project I'm deeply invested in, but I do have an advantage that there's no one left who has a good enough grasp of the material, so. I also need to figure out a better way to allocate my time, cause my current setup isn't going to work with trying to juggle so much.

Anyway! I promise I'm making a more substantial post cause hey, lots to talk about. But in the meantime, have a meme from rogueslayer452 and a lot of other people because it made its way around and there's nothing having more distractions when you have a very long list to stuff to do already.

Pick any character from a fandom of mine (or two or three) and I'll answer the following questions:

And for each you get-Collapse )
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allison & lydia

Happy International Women's Day

Exactly what the title says! Or technically late, since I'm still getting used to being an hour ahead now.

The weather's been a spectacular contrast this week, since last week it was all freezing rain and snow, and it actually snowed and three days off for snow+ice! Except this week it's jumped up to the 60-70s, and I'm not complaining about how it's nice and sunny out now, but really? Weather, what's up with you.

Other than that, I've sorta kinda been around and kept meaning on posting earlier but it kind of got swallowed up in the long list of things that want my attention to get done right now (see the seven emails that are all waiting for me to send or reply to), so just a quick drive post. Not that there's really much anything interesting to talk about, or at least not yet. There might be soon, but we'll see how that falls out. Otherwise, I've been making excellent use of my Amazon Prime membership to burn through any number of shows while working! Namely, I've gotten through three seasons of Grimm, and the first season of Warehouse 13, the latter which has been on my list of things to watch for years and Myka is such a darling. And there's probably a post about shows in the works, if I remember to get around to it.

Also, a very belated hello to the new people! Which is way late, there's an introish post, and I'd like to say I'm not so absent so much but that seems to be highly variable. And because I'm just so around, here's yet another friending meme for all those inclined.

Lastly, have a meme snagged from eve11 ages ago that I've finally gotten around to doing-

1. My username is ____ because ____.
2. My journal is titled ____ because ____.
3. My subtitle is ____ because ____.
4. My friends page is called ____ because ____.
5. My default userpic is ____ because ____.

I guess this also works as a sorta introCollapse )
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