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A conversation today

On the subject of PI is trying to get one of us to TA her class (unlikely, since she has two other profs teaching) that no one wants because it's from 5:30-8:20.

Labmate to me: Oh, she won't ask you to do it.
Me: Why not?
Labmate: Because it's your first time taking the class, and you're also teaching.
Me:....What did you say? Teaching the class?
Labmate: Yeah, you didn't know? You're listed on the syllabus as a guest lecterer. You didn't actually think she could teach visualization, did you?

And lo and behold, there's my name as the instructor for the class on Sept 10. For a (graduate) class that I'm taking this fall and have never taken before, with about 30 other graduate students. Mostly biology people, so now I just have to think of how to lecture on the subject matter for three hours, which admittedly isn't hard. Except talking about it for three hours.

But seriously, what. Guest lecterer
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Part of me is still going 'ahahaha I'm going to be teaching my classmates' and the other part is going 'what the hell am I doing teaching my classmates?' so we'll see how it turns out.
I...guess I could list it on the resume/CV? I'm not even sure where you would list something like this.
Either at the end of the description of your current work or in a specific category (but that one would be if you gave several classes that you could list).
Yeah, I don't think I have enough teach experience in general to warrant it's own category, but I'd guess I could file it under the teaching assistant portion?
Don't you love it when they don't even ask you ahead of time and you learn about it totally randomly...
Seriously, I never even had a say. Plus, the only notification I ever got was an email saying 'here's the syllabus!' that I ignored because it typically isn't all that important?
I mean really, really weird? Like, this isn't normal for grad school, right? Who goes and picks a student who's never taken the class before, is currently taking it and decides to have them lecture?
Wait, she's having you guest lecture for the same class you're taking? Is it a different section or are you going to be teaching your classmates?
Nope, it's the same class that I'm taking right now, so I'll be teaching my classmates. Which is probably going to be as ridiculous as it sounds.
Part of me is just laughing because everyone in the class is going to be like 'wait, aren't you our classmate? What are you doing lecturing us?'
Yikes. I love when people just spring things like this on you. I'm confident that you're going to do great! But I hope you get more heads up for things like this in the future.
Ha, if someone hadn't told me it might've just rolled around to the day of class before I was actually ever notified at all.
I don't know. I seriously do not know why I'm teaching, because no one ever told me about this and I still don't know what I'm supposed to be teaching that day.
Yeah, I guess it would? I'm not sure how to list it other than 'guest lecturer', since it only has occurred once so far.

Still, would've liked some forward warning.
That's exactly how my field/dept says to list it. I enjoy having those on my CV, though I suppose I have no idea how effective a component they are on my CV (would probably matter more if I had a pub :P).
Yeah, but since it is a one time occurrence, do I just stick it under the TA part instead of giving it a full section? Or just list under positions guest lecturer?

Yeah, publications are largely worth their weight in gold. Somewhat, depending on journal, etc, but that's more an issue once you have publications.
The way I've been told to do it is instructor positions at the top, then TA with sections, then just TAing, and then "guest lecture" underneath that. That would all be included under the "Teaching" part. So it's with TA jobs, at the bottom.
EH, we'll see. The gimmick of talking for three hours might be the issue, because there just isn't that much to talk about for three hours? Literally, I can cover it all in about 30 mins max.