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printf("hello, world\n")

(I promise that all of my entries from now on won't start with something involving coding)

But really, hello world! I'm alive, still around and horrendously busy. But not an actual busy, because in a real busy you're productive, and have meaningful things to show at the end. In the pseudo theoretical busy, you're just busy with meaningless things that don't amount to anything despite having no time at all because you lose a third of your week in meetings.

In other news- grad school is very time consuming. Passed my coding exam(!), maybe didn't pass the most recent pchem exam, and remembering all that calculus is hard. Spring break was this week, which wasn't really spring break as much as it was 'catch up with everything'.

Hilariously, PI is now out of money as of this month and I now have a record number (six, soon to be seven?) of papers under review.
Have watched the first four episodes of Agent Carter, but literally nothing else since mid January. Daredevil has come out and looks interesting, but reserving judgement till I see it. Have managed to find time to read Monstress since reading comics is a lot easier to do on the train. Which is also worth checking out, though it isn't exactly happy reading material.

Otherwise, what's up flist? It's been far too long, and I've missed being around.
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It's so good to hear from you again :D

Grad school does tend to be rather busy, I agree with that.
Thanks! It's refreshing to be back in some form or another, albeit a still less than present one :D
Ohai! Good luck for the pchem result!

I am woefully behind on TV, too, though on the other hand, I've read 25 books so far this year, so there's that
Hey, I'm sorta back and alive still!

Yeah, which is weird because watching TV by and far not that energy or concentration intensive a task? Still, congratulations on making it through 25 books already!
You sound busy and I hope that you passed your exam! A lot of people on my flist talk about losing time in meetings. When did that become such a huge thing?

This season of Agent Carter went by so fast. I watched Daredevil over the weekend and still need to make an entry about it.
Welcome to grad school, where your PI decides to have you spend a third of your week in meetings! Because apparently you need a redundancy of very long meetings to keep up with everyone, nevermind that having them the day after isn't going to have much use?

The distinct feeling I've gotten from other people who've seen both of them is that Agent Carter wasn't bad, but it wasn't anything groundbreaking or as good as the first season. Daredevil seems to be getting a lot more mixed feedback, particularly with Elektra (no surprise?) and Matt.
I think both seasons of Agent Carter did not live up to their full potential, but overall I liked S2 more I'd say. It's more consistent.

I loved Elektra! She was one of my favorite things this season, but I know a lot of people don't see it that way. I also still love Matt, but the writing for him could have been stronger. There wasn't a lot of him, so that's one of the reasons I like S1 more. A lot of people who preferred Jessica Jones over Daredevil seem to like the second season more though, at least that's the impression I got.
S1 was a little weird since it was kind of bait and switch with having a shadow organization that was vaguely correlated to the USSR being swapped out for some random guy who had a personal beef with Howard. But S2 looks like it does focus a lot more consistently in how the plot is setup with a central issue?

I haven't anything but various bits and pieces from tumblr, but I feel like I'd like Elektra from what I've seen so far? But yeah, now that I think about it, that seems to be a rough trend I'm seeing? People who loved Jessica Jones also loved parts of S2, or at the least liked it more than S1.
Yes, S2 has a clear big bad and issue to solve. I'm a little mad that the things from the end of S1 never get picked up, mostly Zola and the rather likely connection to the Winter Soldier. During the first couple of episodes my mind definitely went there with the frozen bodies.

At least the beginning of this season the atmosphere reminded me a little bit of Jessica Jones. Maybe these people prefer someone morally ambiguous, like The Punisher, over the Catholic lawyer as a central figure. At lot of the same people don't seem to care about Matt that much.
I have missed you being around! What is this grad school business you speak of? >:(
I'm back! At least, sort of, maybe ish, or at least in an extent more than I was before.

That awful business where your life is dictated by a PI, and where you spend 1/3 of your time in absolutely useless meetings. Really, don't go for it.
Congrats on passing your exam! Hopefully you felt good catching up with everything on your break? Sometimes that's more relaxing in the long run than doing nothing, ha.

I asked my friend to pick up Monstress for me, as I hate the comic book shop near me and I haven't really researched a new one, and I'm excited to read it. I like what I've been seeing on tumblr!
Ha, a little bit? It gave me time to cross some stuff off my to do list, but not nearly enough to make said list feel remotely shorter.

You can actually find it online, or at the library, though libraries tend to get things at a much slower rate. I tend to go with the online route, since I much prefer trades to single issues. But it's both really pretty in the art, and good in terms of the story so far!

will you ever not be crazy busy? I was busy enough almost to rival you lately though. Working 55 hour weeks, 7 days. Studying every night. I was dead lol.
Long time no see!

Yikes, you're way busier than me. I'm not even an actual busy busy, if that makes any sense? It's a fake busy in that I just don't have enough time to do everything because I spend all my time in meetings, as opposed to being productive.
I know hey. I've been too tired to make LJ a regular thing atm.

Lord, whenever I was busy I'd think of you and be like 'so this is what it's like'. XD
Ah. A more frustrating sort of busy. Well I'm no longer too busy - down to one job and get weekends off :)