Olivia Specs!

I could shove an icepick in my eye

And I am now done with all my classes for the semester, and I'm still alive! Hello summer break!

Post finals life has quickly gone from staring at at python scripts and trying to wrap my head around Slater determinants to this-

Yeah, reminders of the paper you haven't finished yet follow you everywhere.

On the unrelated topic of American politics- so Trump is more or less guaranteed the nomination. Not to say that Cruz was any better (he isn't), but then we have someone like Trump. I'd like to say 'haha, there's no way he'll win the general election in November' except I was also saying 'haha, there's no way he'll get the nomination without the Republican party imploding' several months ago and here we are.
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I am honestly really worried for you guys re Trump. I would like to think that the voting public will see sense when it's crunch time, but I worry.
It actually has me legitimately worried at this point he might win the general election? He's ousted every other Republican in the field, at least several of which were established figures in their party, and most of which probably had a better plan/overspent him. Most of the other candidates weren't all that great either, but they were very much in line with what you expected for the party? So at this point, I'm just wondering what sort of people I'm living with in the country where Trump is an attractive option to them.
I remember talking with you about Trump being the potential nominee and now this happened. I've seen people talk about the convention nominating Cruz because the party itself doesn't want Trump, but that's impossible now, isn't it? Yikes.
Yeah, I wouldn't have believed that he'd actually come out on top without at least having to go through a contested convention. Instead, he's got the nomination just like that. I mean, not that Cruz was particularly well liked by his own party afaik, but he's very much cut from the cloth of what you'd expect from the party. He's arguably just as bad as Trump, but he's bad in a way that's expected, and easier to rationalize as to why people would vote for him because he's a traditional conservative.

Again, it's just as scary that Trump won because it means that a majority of the people are supporting him.
Barging in to answer your question. :)

Ultimately, the GOP leadership could perform a "coup" and try to nominate someone else (whether Cruz, or Ryan who seems to be the favorite, or whomever). It's just unlikely to happen now there isn't a "contested" convention. GOP leadership knows if they did this coup they'd lose the November election. Prior to Trump being the presumptive nominee, they could argue enough of the party members didn't want him; now they can't do that as effectively, so it's unlikely to get a convention nominee, though not impossible.
Thank you for the explanation!
This election is really starting to look like something right out of House of Cards.
That's funny to me because us political scientists love that show and yet also laugh at how unlike real life it is. And yet...Trump. Sigh.
I always considered it super unrealistic until now.
Supernatural had President Sarah Palin as a sign of the apocalypse/in an apocalyptical version of 2014. Not sure Trump is better.
As bad as Palin is, she's still very much a far right conservative who's brand of politics is still something that's at least familiar, whereas Trump is just...idk.

I guess Palin vs Trump would be similar to Trump and Cruz, since Cruz was just as bad as Trump, but at least of the sort that could be rationalized as to why he was getting the votes.
I've actually heard at lot of times that Cruz would theoretically be worse than Trump and far more conservative, but I still get why someone would vote for Cruz. There's still some substance behind everything while Trump is just pure show.
No, they are both horrible options. Wasn't there a show that predicted a Trump presidency? Like The Simpsons or something? Well, let's just hope it doesn't truly become real.
Haha, PhD comics is frightfully accurate when it comes to describing the grad school life. And yay summer for all that it's worth, even if there's no break!
Yes that cartoon is just amazing - just brilliant.

Hooray for being done for the summer :)
Writing knows no boundaries, but neither does reminders that you should be writing things instead.

Well, summer in a loose sense of no more classes, but still having to do everything else. But hey, no classes is one less thing to worry about.

You should write your articles on toilet paper.
Sort of? I mean, done with classes and we have the option to take summer classes and have TA, but I didn't see anything worth taking. But you're also on a quarter schedule, and start back up in September instead of August.

Problem is that toilet paper doesn't hold ink that well without it blotting. Also limited space to write, etc.
Is that title from The Last 5 Years? XD

Also yay congrats on finishing the semester! Hopefully you finish the paper soon!
It is! It seemed fitting to use, since it's the start of the summer, though my summer isn't in nearly as bad as the one in Ohio, and Climbing Uphill is probably a better song for life atm, it kind of stuck.

Ha, funny you say that about the paper, since it's become a complicated mess right now.
Unsurprisingly, I feel with you and that comic (actually the whole sequence) described my life right now D:

(But even if it's short: good to hear from you and thus know that you are hanging on in there!)
It's like this constant, nagging voice in the back of your head reminding you of how unproductive you are D:

It's good to be back! Even if it's still in a very delayed, not entirely here sort of way!
I always wonder it's funny or tragic when actual life begins to resemble the comics. On one hand, reliability! On the other hand, life is now like those in the comics!
Sorry that you don't get more of a "break" but at least no classes is nice since it's one less thing to worry about?

I'm so terrified for our country. Every time I think this joke is going to end, I wake up and see Trump on tv.. again and again.
It is an upgrade! Though it's always weird not to have the school completely deserted.

I'm terrified by the fact that it's an actual point of discussion for Bernie supporters to go vote for Hillary. The fact that this is an actual movement, and that there are people considering not voting as a means of protest just because Bernie doesn't get the nomination (he'd probably not make the best President as it is- good VP, but not President, tbh) is what really scares me because Hillary? Eh. Trump? Different story.
Haha, that comic is too real.

Ugh, Trump. I can't. I am with you on the whole "I don't think he'll win" but we can't just sit back and think that as non-Trump supporters anymore. It means we have to convince the anti-Hillary people to hold their noses and still vote because, part of the establishment or not, Hillary>>>>>>>>>>Trump's hate. (I keep hoping for a GOP convention coup, personally, but I feel like the GOP is currently doing the holding their noses thing.)
PhD comics has a tendency to be scary accurate for grad school life, ngl.

That's what bothers me so much? I mean, I'm not the biggest fan of Hillary, but there's people out there who are actually saying that they'll vote for neither one because doing so is supporting the two party system? Sure, whatever, but that high horse won't look very good when it becomes the reason why we have Trump as President. At that point, I don't want to hear people like that complain about the establishment or whatever happens because hey, you're partly the reason the establishment got to such a shitty place.

I'm not sure what the GOP is planning on doing- some of them seem to be cautiously backing him, while others are just dropping out of the party entirely. I'd really like to see a GOP split because it's been a while since we had a new party form (though the Tea Party was arguably close to that). Other hand, I don't know if they'd want to risk it.
Right?!? Or how, I think I saw it on The Daily Show, in Virginia, most people currently supporting Bernie would in turn vote for Trump if Hillary ends up being the nominee. And then people in this country wonder why politics is so fucked up. THAT'S WHY.

Yeah, I'd love a split (because that means Dems win in Nov) but the GOP are smart too and I don't think they'll risk it, even if they hate Trump.
That's what completely baffles me- just because you don't like the Democratic nominee, you're going to instead vote for the candidate who literally spouts racist and sexist remarks every week. I don't follow the logic- even if you don't like Hillary, she's a hell of a lot better than Trump.

I feel like they've been itching for a split for a while now, though. The whole Tea Party movement felt like a prelude to an internal schism, and a contested convention might've done more damage, but alas. Maybe they'll implode after November.
Yes, implosion, please. (Another way it's sad what US politics has come to - when it's not just "I don't agree with this party, I'll vote for another" but actually hoping the whole party crashes and burns.)