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Life in boxes

Annnddd still alive, and (finally) moved (mostly, almost) into the new house! Only everything is still in boxes, have next to no food here, and the internet is being all sorts of unreliable.

But on the other hand, mostly moved so that's partly out of the way, at least. Now to just figure out what box has what thing. Good thing it's a three day weekend.
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Omg, tell me about it. Packing things up and moving is one thing, but now it's become a literal game of 'now guess which box has X and you have 23 boxes to pick from!'
See, I dunno what's worse- packing, moving, or the actual unpacking phase. I say this mostly because everything is still in boxes.
I don't *love* unpacking...especially since the last two places I moved to didn't have enough space for all of my stuff.
But the whole getting all the boxes into the new place was always my least favourite part.
Always considered it a major victory when that part was done...hahah
Three day weekend: good, moving: annoying, bad internet: AAAaAagfh D:
I think moving at this point might outrank bad internet in how annoying it is, because unpacking is turning out to be a lot more of a chore.
Have fun unpacking! There's always something nice about starting from scratch.
The moving part itself is just physically exhausting, but I think the packing/unpacking part is actually worse- you're literally stuck in stasis till everything is put into/taken out of boxes.